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VZW Mensen Helpen Mensen
1755 Oetingen Wij zullen je vraag dan behandelen en/of  naar de juiste persoon doorsturen.


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    • Hello Celestina,

      Unfortunately, we do not have an English version. However, here is our short summary

      – 12th august, Domein Steenhout, Kasteelstraat 36, Vollezele
      – Subscription fee = 30€, including 5€ for drinks and food
      – Once subscribed, transfer the amount on account BE36 8508 7678 1681. As soon as we have received the payment, you will get a confirmation with a participant number
      – Along the course, we will provide water and a snack for extra energy.
      – The course is 7-8km long around the castle domain and contains 30 obstacles
      – You can choose one of the 4 starting waves in your subscription (12-16h every hour)

      If you require any extra info, please contact me on

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